You purchased a car, and soon after, you find yourself with unplanned expenses and repairs. You tried to go back to the seller but can’t seem to get the customer service you were expecting.

After years of saving money, you are excited to renovate your home or place of business. You go over the process of choosing the right home renovation company, and now you are ready to start. With the renovations almost done, the contractor suddenly stops showing up. You try to contact them, but without any response, you are left without any other options and end up hiring another company to finish the job.

You got injured in a car accident and needed treatment. For a while, the insurance company covered your expenses until they abruptly stopped without your knowledge. Before you realize it, you find the medical bills piling up, owing money you just don’t have. Maybe you were providing the care and treatment and suddenly stopped receiving any payments. Maybe you are the insurance company, and you did pay the settlement agreement- the lawyer failed to distribute the money properly. Each party connected to the conflict experiences a different impact, but all parties need a resolution to the conflict.

You are finally ready to go to small claims court, you think you will win- but so do the other parties. Have you stopped to consider the big picture and not just the injustice you experienced? Winning is just the first step of going to court. Getting paid is a challenge on its own.

If any of this sounds too familiar, or if you are proactively wanting to avoid finding yourself in one of these situations, Mediation is a solution. Mediation is typically faster, more affordable, and allows the parties to preserve control over resolution.

ASM Dispute Resolution’s experienced and impartial mediators help shift the focus towards finding a mutual resolution, arriving at optimal agreements. Since the mediator does not represent one side, they are a trusted, neutral facilitator, and the parties themselves, not the mediator, make the final decision. Ultimately, commitments in Mediation are in good faith, and parties are more likely to follow through. After all, we are more likely to do what we want than what we have to.

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