Complications and disagreements can occur in most major construction projects, unfortunately resulting in lengthy and unnecessary litigation, often exceeding the time spent on completing the project itself.

Disputes distract the attention of all parties from the project at hand and affect future projects in the pipeline. Conflict may jeopardize valuable business partnerships forged over years of working together on successful projects. In an industry where relationships and reputations are priceless, these losses have a lasting impact.

Both litigation and arbitration can be time-consuming, costly, and unpredictable processes that can sometimes produce unfair results.

If any of this sounds too familiar, or if you are proactively wanting to avoid finding yourself in one of these situations, Construction Mediation is a solution. Mediation is typically faster, more affordable, and allows the parties to preserve control over finding a resolution.

Instead of winning and losing, Mediation is about working together. ASM Dispute Resolution’s
experienced and impartial mediators help shift the focus towards finding a mutual resolution, arriving at optimal agreements, and the continuance or restoration of valuable business relationships. The mediator has no authority to make a decision, but instead acts as a facilitator, and assists the parties in overcoming obstacles towards resolution.

Ultimately, Mediation empowers a collaborative problem-solving process, working together for an
optimal resolution.

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