“…Your encouragement to use creativity has changed the way I work with my clients…” (J.P.)


“…After the mediation it felt like I finally got my life back. Thank you so much for that…” (D.O.)


“… When you spoke to me I felt like I was the only one in the room…” (G.B.)


“… Your patience was the key. I don’t know how you remained calm and collected- I would never be able to do so. Thank you so much…” (P.B.)


“Adi, if it was not for you we would have never come to terms. Thanks for believing in us when we didn’t…” (A.M.K.)


“…you were very compassionate and able to make me feel heard for the first time in a long time – thank you…” (H.K.)


“… we couldn’t believe how you were able to stay neutral with all the commotion that was going on. Thanks for been there with us…” (S. & G.F. W.)


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